Polish EMR (Electron Magnetic Resonance = EPR/ESR) Group website. The main goal of this page is to provide the current information on the EMR activities in Poland.

PGEMR Chairman's Message

Dear Colleagues/Friends,
This is a general yet personal message to the leaders in the world EMR (EPR) community and the Presidents of other EMR/EPR/ESR related organizations.  In a separate link under About Group you find a note on the current developments within the Polish EMR (EPR) community.  If it is acceptable to you, please include it on the website and/or publish it in the Newsletter of your organization, as appropriate.  Otherwise, please consider this message as a private communication.
My personal request to the Presidents of other EMR/EPR/ESR related organizations: could you please update the information about the former the Polish EPR Society by providing the relevant information about the Polish EMR Group.  Please feel free to extract information from the attached note as suitable in your case for the intended purpose.  I would appreciate if any future communications are being sent directly to me.  We would be happy to include appropriate links to your organizations on our website, now under construction (including an abbreviated English version), to facilitate exchange of information.
With my best regards
Czesław Rudowicz       
Polish EMR Group