Welcome to the pages of the Polish Group of Electron Magnetic Resonance (PG-EMR)

The Polish Group of EMR has existed since May 20, 2010, when at the inaugural meeting held during the First EMR-PL Forum in Rzeszow, it was decided to transform the Polish Society of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance based on newly developed principles. According to the model adopted at that time, we have dropped the Statute and membership fees, and the informal membership of PG-EMR has been extended to all those involved in the broad field of EMR (EPR/ESR) research. Interested researchers are requested to send their contact information by e-mail to the PG-EMR Secretary, which will keep the members' mailing list up to date.

PG EMR Group photo front

The website is intended to facilitate the communication of PG-EMR activities. These activities include first of all, (i) the organization of successive EMR-PL Forums under the auspices of the PG-EMR, which are held every two years in the city of the respective Local Organizing Committee or at a nearby attractive location, (ii) the PG-EMR Report Meetings, and (iii) the dissemination of announcements about the activities of foreign and domestic research groups and EMR-related conferences being held. We hope the updated website can facilitate contacts among those interested in EMR (EPR/ESR) research, thus contributing to better integrating the community in Poland.

On behalf of the PG-EMR Council,

Piotr Pietrzyk

Czesław Rudowicz
Founding Chairman