VII FORUM Polskiej Grupy EMR

The next meeting of the Polish EMR Group will be held at the 7th Forum organized by the Zielona Góra center.

September 2022
VI FORUM Polskiej Grupy EMR
June 2018
V FORUM Polish EMR Group - Wrocław
27 June 2016
24 June 2014
17 May 2012
20 May 2010
I FORUM Polish EMR Group - Rzeszów

Minutes of the Joint Meeting of the Polish Society for Electron Paramagnetic Resonance and the Inaugural Meeting of the Polish EMR Group (EPR) held on 20 May 2010 in Rzeszow during the I EMR-PL Forum is available for viewing below:

download button   Report of the PG EMR Chairman for the period 24.04.2007 - 19.05.2010
download button   Minutes of the PG EMR Meeting
download button   Attendance List